:: Half Shaka


Today's looking much like a carbon copy of yesterday.  The North East wind swell is still pushing in at 2ft+ and we're lining up for sunshine all day and a top temp of around 30 degrees.  Tomorrow's going to be much the same again, perhaps a touch warmer. OneWave's Fluro Friday is gathering momentum with 30 or so turning up this morning for the usual shenanigans.  The fun was further North today so they could get in the frame of Channel Ten's WakeUp and heaps of the Bondi crew made it over to support.  If you missed them on TV this morning and want to know what OneWave is all about head over to their new site and check it out.  Good people, doing good things;  you can join in anytime.

Could be a couple of clean fun waves around over the weekend once that change moves through. Catch you Monday.

:: Murray