:: Big City Colour


This morning we're over the Bridge at the big city beach of Bondi.  Bondi tends to work on the opposite conditions of Manly.  When we're missing the South swell or onshore in the Northerlies, Bondi is basking in offshores and getting the full brunt of the South energy. Today Bondi's offshore but it's missing the Nor-East windswell that's pushing into Manly.  There's still a couple of runners down the southern end of the beach, which incidentally, is the only end you can surf in Summer (thanks to Bondi Rescue for pointing that out).

It might not have been worth the trip over for the waves but it's a colourful beach and every angle fills your frame with something or someone vibrant. I dig it!  Oh, and the parking's free until 8am - that's got to be better than Manly's new scheme.

Catch you back home tomorrow. :: Murray

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