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Yesterday I think I set a new record for the latest Sprout Daily ever hitting the trigger at 5:30pm, perhaps well after some had left the office for the day. Still, it would have been right on cue for the European & UK contingent getting into work for the day and our friends to the North are going to need as much support as we can offer as they head into a Northern Hemisphere Winter.  We'll be thinking of you guys - come down and visit! If you opened yesterday's email today the good news is you've got a bonus email today.  The bad news though is that it's not looking much more enticing today.  It's grey and dull however there is a touch more life in the Tasman today.  By touch I mean it's actually breaking at 1 foot and not just lapping at the shore so don't get too excited.  There were a few guys out to throw the arms over and patience was definitely the name of the game.

Tomorrow is looking pretty killer - 30 degrees and mostly sunny!  Yeah, that's the gear we're looking for.  Enjoy your weekend!

∆ Murray

Paddle Against Poverty A group of locals are going the distance tomorrow to raise money for World Vision projects in East Sumba, Indonesia.  The paddle will start at Manly with registration at 8am with the paddle leaving the beach at 9am.  It's a leisurely 6k's to Dee Why and tomorrow is shaping up to be a perfect day for it.  If you want to join in or support the cause check out the website here. Don't confuse this for the Inflatable Boat Race which is on Sunday.  It's a long way to Dee Why in a blow up pool!

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