:: Lay Day

Rainy and onshore on the East Coast of New Zealand this morning.   Looks like Sydney's turn for some sunshine.  We're hanging out for an offshore change here which should be due any minute now if the forecast is right.  But for now it's flat whites and organising image files. This morning the images are a random selection of shots from life on the road in New Zealand.  If you're planing a surf trip this year you should really consider coming across the ditch to NZ.  It's such an easy place to get around and the wave quality and variety is pretty amazing.  If you can't get time off, pack your iPhone & laptop and get a Basejumper 2from Wilderness and work from the back of the camper as if you're in the office in Sydney.  The Basejumper 2's are fully set up to stay connected without being plugged in.   We've been on the road for over two weeks now and haven't needed to plug in once.  Cameras, iPhone and Laptops fully charged with the 3 batteries and inverter.  Too easy ay!

Looks like a nice day back home in Manly tomorrow! Have a good weekend. ∆ Murray

THE MANLY DEAL Fresh deal out this morning on local deal site The Manly Deal.  If you're into Mexican you'll dig this deal! - Click for details