:: Winter Recess

The bright yellow ball is back in the sky today and we're back with offshore winds.  It's looking very much a picture of positivity out there on this fabulous Monday morning.  Even the brown water of the weekend appears to have been tinted back to blue for the new week. There's 2ft of swell hitting numerous banks from Queensie to South Steyne and a very mellow crowd. The week ahead is looking pretty good with a pulse of Nor-East swell mid week and a mostly offshore wind pattern setting in.  Very nice.

We're going on a Winter Recess today meaning this will the last post for a little while.  Its a chance to work on some personal projects and get our ducks all in a row.  We'll still be shooting so you can follow Sprout Daily on Instagram and of course the Facebook so don't be shy.

Next week we plan to pop up in a very expected location so stay tuned. Until then.... ∆ Murray