East Coast


Back on this side of the Tasman this morning and it looks like we may be getting a swell from the same system that was pushing swell into Raglan. Right now it's raw and wind affected, just as it was on the West Coast of New Zealand.  The good news is it looks like the whole East Coast of Australia is in for a prolonged run of overhead swell! Been a while!

The swell's going to gradually swing around to a more easterly direction while the wind backs off later in the week. Might a few days of good waves ahead- better limber up!

Tomorrow is International Women's Day and Rusty Warringah Mall are giving away free surf lessons with the Manly Surf School.  If you want to kick off your day immersed in the brine tomorrow, the offer is open to all women!   Click here for the details on how to register.


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