:: A Bay


Arugam Bay is the heartland of Sri Lankan surfing and for good reason.  The point break out front is long, consistent and protected from the prevailing wind. There's a solid crew of locals and a hoard of tourists from every corner of the world; Sweden, Russian, Israel, Tasmania.  The good news is it's a party town that rages til dawn and if you're up with the sparrow's the crowd's pretty mellow compared with the afternoon set. This morning the swell was up touch with a couple of overheat sets and a crowd of a dozen. It's early in the season and the sand hasn't filled in the main point but by the end of the month the local's reckon it'll all be in the place and firing top to bottom. Despite the lack of sand it's an fun and interesting wave to surf with different speeds and multiple sections - perfectly suited for the twin fin I've bought.

Ok, it's 9:15am here and I'm out there for the second session. I know you've been scoring back in Sydney so don't be getting all jealous.