:: Shorty


made it back to Sydney just in time for the shortest day of the year - 7am sunrise and a 4:53pm sunset. It's going to get colder but at least our daylight allowance is growing from tomorrow. Jumping into the water today was a bit of a shock.  The water temp's at 19 degrees, down 3 or 4 degrees since I left Sydney a month ago and a huge 10 degrees drop from the last time I was in the water over in The Maldives.  Brrrrr!

Yesterday afternoon's clean little pulse of Nor East swell has all but faded.  There's supposed to be a fresh Southerly swell on the build but as usual we won't see much of it here.

I heard about all the storms damage and the swell of the decade that I missed while I was away.  From what I hear, some amazing waves and incredible surfing went down. If you've been underground and missed it too, there's plenty of highlights around the net.


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