Onboard - Online

Sorry about being offline for the last couple of days.  After two flights and 18 hours of travel we arrived in Male 10 minutes too late to get a local SIM card thus foiling my chance of staying connected to the W's.  To boot, Ramadan is in full swing here in the Maldives so things move at an even more leisurely pace than usual.  Not that I’m complaining; it’s been quite nice to be offline for a couple of days and you really haven’t missed much action. We’ve had a couple of fun sessions to loosen up the body and acclimatise to tropical life.  The water is 28 degrees and as blue and clear as anything you’ve ever seen.  While we wait for a bit of bad wind to settle so we can start scoring the quality of waves we’ve traveled for, everyone is soaking up celebrity life on board the Ocean Dancer paddle-boarding, having fun with the cameras and keeping an eye one the wind.  There's a swell forecast for the later part of the week so fingers crossed it'll early and with perfect winds.

Word back in Sydney is the swells flat but the sun is shining.  24 degrees tomorrow!   Maybe we'll get an early Spring after all.  Be back soon.

∆ Murray

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