Two Sides of the Hill

Perfect cloudless sunrise this morning and the ocean was aglow with orange as the big fireball rose from the horizon.  There's a hint of spring in the air already huh? The Bureau is forecasting temps in the 20's this weekend and through next week so it might be time to shed a few layers.  Hmmm, wishful thinking perhaps.... This morning I took a look at Queensie before heading for a stroll over the hill.  On sunrise there was the odd loggable waves at Queensie although the gutter is deep and only the rare ones were getting any real run.  Over the hill it's a different story.  There's 2 to 3 feet of South Swell hitting a tasty wedge of sand.  With a due South Swell and a light Northerly breeze it was the perfect place to capture whatever was on offer.  Swell's going to drop over the weekend so get your fill today and wax up the log or fish for some fun over the weekend.

Good Vibes @ Six Ounce Boardstore The folks at Six Ounce Boardstore are clearing some bad energy and karma out of the store this weekend.  Come down with good vibes and score a bargain.  There going to be some rare deals on threads and selected handcrafted sleds.  Make Friends not enemies at the Book of Faces.

I'm coming at you from a different Ocean Monday.  See you then!

∆ Murray

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