Over here in the Maldives we're still being skunked by an unfavourable winds and everyone is seeking out an alternative to surfing.  Sure, we've surfed.  But the waves are onshore and small and I couldn't possible file a post from the Maldives with waves of that quality.  We wait for quality.  The Ocean Dancer is decked with dive gear so while some of the crew go to deep the rest of us snorkel on top.   The waters of the Maldives are some of the bluest and most pristine in the world so there's plenty to see and marvel at. We've also had time to visit a local island village, spend an afternoon on a world class resort and of course we've been indulding in the odd afternoon beer between servings of french cuisine.  It's a life of luxury. But it's not surfing!   There's a swell coming and the wind is forecast to swing late on Saturday.  We're due to fly out late Sunday so it could be a race against time.  Let's hope we've got some epic surfing images for you to see Monday.


PS - I couldn't access the Sydney surf forecast for the weekend so don't pay any attention to the Surf Forecast

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