:: Hello Sunshine

Very pleasant morning on the beach indeed.  All the boxes were ticked - gorgeous dawn, buckets of warm sunshine, a fresh East swell and just a light offshore keeping things neat and tidy. If you got out in the water you'd be pretty stoked this morning.  I'm calling it 7 out of 10; it was pretty good but there was plenty of room for improvement.  What do you reckon?  Add your 10 cents worth here   The swell forecast is looking pretty good for tomorrow and throughout the weekend with a mid range ENE swell on the cards.  The only thing that could spoil the party is an early Nor-Easter.  Fingers crossed for an 8/10 tomorrow.

This Saturday SDS is going big with their Official Opening shindig on The Corso.  There's all sorts of deals and epic events, bands etc throughout the day like Stonefield playing instore and $50 gift cards for the first 50 customers.  Click through for the rest of the rarities and what's going down this weekend.

Cheers to Adam from Channel Seven for hanging out with me this morning - let's hope my goofy monotone comes out ok. Until tomorrow.

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