Winter Day One

Welcome to Winter.  A time for South Swells, sleep-in's, wetsuits, shorter days, road trips south, plane trips to north to warmer climes and Indian Ocean swells (Speaking of which, we have two spots left on the Maldives Ocean Dancer Trip this July).  Winter has a lot to offer so don't despair.  Besides, even if you don't like winter you can take comfort in the knowledge that you're a day closer to Spring. Hmmm, what a day! This morning winter ain't offering too much, except swell.  Call it a layday unless you're super keen.  The swell is up in the 6ft range from the East but it's messy and chunky and being generated too close to shore for us to see much love at this stage.   I spotted one surfer out at South Steyne but it was victory at sea conditions.  Even the local Sea Snakes we struggling with the conditions as one poor little fella proved when he was found washed up at South Steyne.  Lucky the Bold and Beautiful Rescue team were about.

Don't forget about about the Winter Launch tonight at The Steyne.  Going to be super fun!

DAILYMurray Fraser