Storm Surf

She's pretty wild out there this morning.  Up to 8ft plus of East swell pushing onto the beaches.  It's stormy but certainly a bit more sorted than yesterday's rubbish.  The swell's fading and straightening and at some time in the future it's going to start working.  Keep your eye on the dials for a wave in the near future or find yourself a novelty wave inside the harbour somewhere. A few hardy souls braved the conditions and surfed a little South Steyne reform this morning.  There was fun to be had but you had to cop a few on the head for your troubles.  The Bold and The Beautiful took to the water midway round to Bower for a shortened swim this morning while two from the group braved the rouge sets breaking way outside Manly Point to swim off the beach.  Exciting effort for all!

Cheers for dropping in last night.  Fun times and even more fun ahead!  This weekend is shaping up to be a cracker with the Manly Food Wine and Sustainability Festival

.  Plus Andrew Kidman is in town with his band the Windy Hills playing tunes and showing some of his unique surfing films.  Friday and Saturday at The Old Manly Boat Shed.  Tickets available at Heritage Surf.

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