:: Weird-O


It was a bit of a weird morning for me out there today.  There was a heavy fog blanketing North Head; I guess it got to have something to do with the cooler water hitting the hot air - looked a touch like San Francisco. The water temp has dropped at least 3 degrees thanks to a week of Nor-Easter's but the outside temperature is refusing to drop.  It's been a toasty start to Autumn so far and it's not over yet - 30 degrees till the end of the week.

I had a swim with the camera out at Freshie but got immediately sucked out to sea in the rip smack-bang in the middle of the beach.  I didn't get a single frame even after two swim-throughs!   So I abandoned photography in favour of surfing only to bog every turn.  Time for me to hit the reset button!

Hope you had a good one!


DAILYMurray Fraser