:: Quiet


It's all quiet down on the sand this morning, the only thing stirring were the grumbles from the crew that needs to pack up the party. You'd have to sing the praises of the surfer's, organiser and sponsor's of the Australian Open of Surfing - Great show in the water, on the sand and beyond! Oh, and the North Steyne sandbanks held up a treat serving contestable waves all week.

Congrat's to Niki Van Dijk and Dion Atkinson for taking out the trophies! Great to see a couple of Aussie's taking out the title!

The grommets have seen what's capable at their local and they were straight back on the bank pre-dawn this morning with inspired skills and fresh enthusiasm.   How long until we see a local surfer take out the title?  Let's hope the AOS stay's around long enough to see the day!

There's still a limited number of tickets left for the special screening of Tanna on tonight at Collaroy Cinema, 6:30pm.  Click for tickets and details.