Weird morning this morning - I still can't really work out what's going on.  The forecast was for North-West to South West winds but instead we've got fog and onshore winds from the NNE.  Not so good for you're on the hunt for waves.   It's going to be hot in Sydney today once the Westerlies kick in and probably an ideal day for kick around in the shallows.  There's no waves about and the outlook for the week is looking pretty bleak as well.  The best we can hope for is something to sneak through under the radar. If you need a little excitement on your Monday morning check out the trailer for I Believe I Can Fly - Man!  It'll get your heart racing even sitting in your chair at the office!

Cheers to everyone that put themselves down for a Calendar on Friday - we'll have the website up and ready to process order this week.  If you want to beat the rush just click here and tell me how many you want.

DAILYMurray Fraser