Feels a fair bit like the weekend already here in Noosa.  Everyone's in holiday mode and movements are kept to the necessary. In fact it's been a lot like a weekend for most of the week.  Ever since the swell's dropped even the surfing has slowed right down with the point breaks taken out of the equation. Competition has moved up the beach to Access 12 where there's a neat little peak serving up small lefts and rights.  The Under 18 boys were styling through the early heats this mornings with their light frames suiting the conditions.  Jack Entwistle few the flag for the Manly Mal Club taking 2nd in his heat to advance through to the next round.  The crew in the Old Mal division found the going a little tougher.  No doubt the extra foam and weight of the old tanks came in handy.  Huge shout out to Issy Brailey who took it to the fella's in the Old Mal and advanced through to the next round.  Yeah Izzy!

We'll be getting to the pointy end of most of the divisions this afternoon with semi's and finals to be run over the weekend.  Should be some entertaining surfing regardless of the conditions with the talent that's here in Noosa.

Word on the web is that there's a decent South Swell due to hit Sydney soon and it'll hopefully fill in up the coast.  Whether that has any impact on conditions up here in Noosa I guess we'll just wait and see. Enjoy your weekend where ever you are.