Got back into town late last night and took a sneaky peak at the waves and it was obvious there was plenty of swell about.  Sounds like there's been a truckload of it around Sydney since the weekend but with unfavourable winds and average weather there hasn't been much on offer.    Thinking the onshores would continue today it was a pleasant surprise to glace at the wind sock at 6am this morning to discover westerly winds.  Just what the doctor ordered to straighten out this unruly swell. With so much heavy cloud around and a late sunrise the light was tricky first thing this morning but the waves were pumping so I shot off a few dark frames.   There's a solid 4-6ft of swell and a light Westerly grooming the water surface.  The swell still has a slight wobble to it so there were plenty of closeouts mixed in with the good ones but it you pick them you're styling.  I saw ex-WCT surfer Dayyan Neve set up a 10 frame tube followed by a boosting air where he must have travelled 6 or 7 metres from take-off to landing.

If you've got some time today I'd be surfing.   The swell is on the decline for the next couple of days and the wind should stay fairly light all day.   The whole stretch from Queensie to South Steyne has waves so pick a bank and enjoy some Tasman juice.