:: Watered


How's your Monday going?  If you're outside reading this on your smartphone I'd say it's going pretty fine.  It's the first day of the school holidays and Sydney's turned on a classic Spring day; sunshine by the truckload and just a light breeze.   School kids will be en route en masse to Manly right now.   The water's up a degree or two from Friday's slight chill. If you can get in the ocean I'd highly recommend it. Not much surf offer today and it's looking like it'll might be small for most of the week.

:: Murray

Lost Cat - Andrew's little buddy Lati has gone missing.  Despite a letterbox drop and signs up around his home she's still missing.  If you live up in the Bower and you see or hear a cat that's not yours, please contact Andrew on 0405 133 671 or shoot us an email here.  There's a reward on offer for Lati's return.