:: Wander

It's not often I turn and look West in the mornings but this morning I was heading over the hill to Freshwater and caught the full moon setting just before sunrise. Nice sight to start the day. I took a wander over the hill to Curl Curl this morning.  Curly will usually catch all swell that's on offer from any direction but even Curly was a little slow. The Nor-East swell is on it's last legs and an early high tide wasn't helping.  The beach at Curl Curl is set down from the road and it still has some impressive sand dunes.  From some angles you can look up and only see dunes and sky.  Quite refreshing.

Looks like a little South Swell for the weekend.

:: Murray

Re-Knew Exhibition - This Sunday an exhibition of art featuring reusable and reclaimed materials will be opening at the old Epoch Store on the corner of Pittwater Rd and Carlton St.  Artists featured include Oscar Wright, Caspian De Looze, Amy Cunningham and more.  I've even managed to salvage some ply for a couple of one-off plywood prints to hang.  The Opening is Sunday 4-8pm.  There'll be live music and good times galore.  Get the info here and we'll see you Sunday

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