:: Warm Up


The warm up sessions that have been going down at the contest site before the first heat of the day are freaky. It's one foot and there's guys moving buckets of water and landing 2ft airs! If you could tap that energy I'm sure there'd be enough to power all the coffee machine in Manly for a week. The swell's much the same today as it was yesterday but it's forecast to come up a touch later in the day. I'm still in awe of the speed and power these guys generate as they link their way through 4 turns to the beach. If you haven't already tuned into the webcast, there's been some great heats go down already. North Steyne's Kai Otton is about to paddle out in his Rd 2 heat. Log in and support to local!

Couple event worth mentioning: First one is our Local Love shindig down at The Surfing World Bar from 7pm tonight. Live Music by The Fukers, a custom Misfit Shapes surfboard up for grabs plus other surf gear. Get in early for some Corona's and stay late to raise funds for Misfit Aid. Catch you there. Secondly, tomorrow night is the World Premiere of Thundercloud, the Cloudbreak Story. Watch the trailer, get psyched and buy a ticket - it's going to be killer on the big screen!

See you tonight! :: Murray