:: Rd #2


The swell's dropped over night but the show must go on - there's no waiting period for these QS competition. It's just about as small as you'd want it to be for a competition but these guys can generate some serious speed from nothing and keep the judges and crowd entertained. Round 2 is underway this morning and there's already been a few of the top seeds succumb to the small condition. Imagine the challenge to go from pumping Pipeline and adjust down to 1ft Manly for the CT guys. This is the domain of lightweight Qualifying Series battlers.

Second heat of this morning had QBC Wildcard Nick Butler pitted against a tough field including World #27 Yadin Nicol. With a huge Queensie contingent in the stands to support their man it came right down to the wire. Unfortunately for Nick, Yadin jagged a 6.13 in the last minute to relegate the local to 3rd. Bloody good effort Nick - unlucky!

:: Murray