:: Warm One


Keep your boardies and swimmers handy today, it's going to be a warm one.  It's sitting at 24 already and we're trucking towards a top of 33 in the city.  Lunch time harbour swims and evenings dips will be the go. The water's warmed up this week too - MHL has the sea surface temp at 21 degrees on the offshore buoy but it's probably a degree or two warmer in the shallows.  Perfect cool-off temps!

The South swell has faded and been replaced by a 2ft wind swell from the East.  It's not bad if you like it a little junkie and don't mind the crumbly lips - super whackable!  Just watch out for the Blue Bottles - they're back in town!

If you want to have a flick through the 2017 Sprout Daily Wall calendar, drop into the Patagonia Store in Manly, I'll be there today and all weekend.  You can order online right now at last year's price for a limited time.


DAILYMurray Fraser