The weather is warming up and today we're going to hit a top of twenty-seven and similar across the weekend.  Pretty inviting weather for the beach and I reckon the ferry's will be bringing truckloads into Manly town over Saturday and Sunday.  Better get in early for icecream and fish & chips!  The water's warming up too with the offshore buoys reading temps in the vicinity of 19 degrees - still cool when you first get in but it doesn't take long to acclimatise even for a swim in the boardies. We had a steamy start to the day with a layer of mist hanging in the air over Manly.  Most of the South Swell that was hanging around yesterday has faded and we're left with a lumpy short period NE wind swell.  It's fun if you find yourself on the right one but there's not a lot of juice in it.  The weekend is looking much the same; not much to get excited about but well worth a surf for the refreshment value.  Enjoy

∆ Murray

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