Thirty Four


Boy, it's hot outside today.  32 degrees out there now with the bureau calling for a top of 34 degrees!  That's pretty toasty even for the height of Summer.  If you're floating around anywhere today without commitments you'd be well advised to find some cool water therapy and take advantage of the sun and heat.  The heat of today will be broken when the first real Southerly buster of the Spring/Summer season belts on through this evening.  Tomorrow's a whole different story with a top of 23...  after today it's going to feel freezing! Surfing wasn't really happening this morning. Conditions were bumpy and the wind-swell was weak out of the Nor-East.  It was almost too lethargic on this morning's high-tide even for a log.  If I had the day off I'd be heading over the the Bower for a swim in crystal clear water.   Enjoy the warmth - you're going to miss it tomorrow.

∆ Murray

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