High Noon

What a nice day out there.  Sunshine, offshore conditions for most of the morning and the water is perfect.  Such a nice morning that it took me until noon to pull the camera out and start shooting.  You might be thinking I missed the best of it and perhaps you're right; but that super low-tide early looked a little frustraiting.  By high noon there were still a few fun ones running through the gutters on the higher tide although a light onshore breeze was ruffling the edges.  Still, it looked like a bunch of fun. Last night I spent the evening down at The Rope and Anchor Cafe with Greg from Complete Framing North Manly hanging some acrylic prints.  The guy is good!  The prints are some of the best images from Sprout Daily last year and ths January including some images of the Bold and The Beautiful and the Old and the Bold.  Get down and take a look and grab a coffee while your there.  Joey and Pete make the best coffee.

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