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I got up early this morning to try and get some shots of Lake Manly in all it's glorious stillness.  With the wind blowing offshore all night I thought we'd have super-clean, super-flat conditions perfect for a little slow-shutter landscape photography.  Instead there's waves and it's super-fun.  The waves are 2ft and although it was probably better on the early low-tide there's still some fun to be had.  Those deep banks we've had since the last swell seem to be getting themselves sorted and from what I saw this morning we might have a couple of banks to go to when this swell arrives.  There seemed to be a touch of East in the swell this morning so I don't know if this is the leading edge of this powerful South swell moving up the coast or a smaller secondary swell that's snuck in under the radar.  Either way it's well worth a paddle. State of Origin III tonight up in Queensland.  It's probably the first time in five years that the NSW Blues are a genuine chance but it'll be a tough assignment up there at The Cauldron. The Queenslanders must be going footy mad at the moment with the Queensland Reds hosting their first ever Super 14 Final on the weekend.  I reckon the crowd might be a touch more fired up than usual tonight.  Hey, Remember this miracle?  After this effort I just about thought Sterlo was going to claim residency in Queensland!  Who you got your money on?

:: There's a few more pic's on Facebook for your viewing pleasure.

:: PS.  Sorry I'm late this morning - I lost my keys down the beach this morning.  Anyone find a couple of keys on a red shoelace?

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