It's small and windy out there today folks and apparently things are going to get really blowy this afternoon with gusts up to 100km/h.  Hold on to your hats, bring the towels in and tie up the dog!   This stiff offshore has blown away any chance of a surf today so put the board down and just enjoy a mid-winter dip.  The water is crystal clear and still hovering in the 19-20 degree mark so you're fine in the swimmers or boardies.   Perfect for a dip in the corner out of the wind. All signs are pointing to a significant swell moving in from the South in the latter part of the week.  Tomorrow's supposed to be 3ft at South facing beaches but with the wind blowing a gale offshore I reckon we'll be lucky to see any of that.  Perhaps Thursday, Friday and into the weekend.  Keep you posted.

DAILYMurray Fraser