:: Twilight Highlight

All's quiet in the village at the end of the road with most of the surfers already packed up and shipped home or onwards to warm up for the next event at Trestles, California.  It's given me a chance to go back through the photos that were taken during the brief period when the world's best were concentrated on a single break in a tiny village in the middle of the pacific ocean. The afternoon session of the 16th of August was a beautiful thing to watch.  The waves all day were as clean and perfect as you would like to imagine - 4 foot with the odd 6 footer with just enough offshore breeze to feather the lip. It was crowded with surfers and a handful of water photographers but the amp levels were through the roof after a day sitting in the channel watching unriden waves go by.  An inviting line up but even at 4-6ft, Teahupoo is an unforgiving wave.  Just ask Brett Simpson who hit the reef late in the afternoon and sliced his nose almost clean off.

:: Murray

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