:: Ace

The Billabong Pro Tahiti is done and dusted - finished in 4 of the 12 day waiting period allocated.  With the swell fading and a wind affected swell forecast late in the waiting period Contest Director Luke Egan made the call to push through from the final heats of Round 3 right through to the finals from dusk til dawn. In the end it was Adrian 'Ace' Buchan that came up trumps defeating world title contenders in every heat on his road into a final match up with 11x World Champion Kelly Slater.  Ace turned up to Tahiti with his a-game finely tuned and his mind focused and with each heat his confidence grew.  His final started with a late take off but once his fins grabbed and his line was set under a heavy lip there was no stopping him.  Slater opted to go right late in the final which left the crowd in the channel wondering if he'd pulled off another impossible feat - imagine winning 'Chopes going right!   In the end Slater right was one point short of the 9.80 he need leaving the victory in Ace's hands.  Huge congrat's to Ace for taking out the title!

More from Tahiti tomorrow :: Murray