:: Twenty 17


Morning! You back at the desk for 2017 as well?  If you're back for the first time this year don't look outside, stay focused on the screen. It was nice taking a bit of time away from the screen, emails, etc but it's good to be back behind the lightbox.  I've been changing some equipment over and getting to know a couple of new camera bodies, a new housing and a couple of new lenses; breaks are good for that. If you like technical details, today I shot with a Nikon D500, coupled with a 35mm f/1.4 prime lens safely secured inside a Aquatech Elite housing.

This morning I made it in the water just in time for some beautiful sunrise light - bright colours on the horizon and brushstrokes of colour up high.  The light didn't last long but it was well worth the 5:15 alarm; got to get used to those 5:15am wakes up again!

The waves were a bit bumpy at first light but it seemed to get better at the morning progressed.  Even at 2ft the Nor-East wind swell can serve up some fun peaks and wedges.

Good to have you back onboard for 2017 - catch you tomorrow!


DAILYMurray Fraser