:: OOO - Gone Surfing


Today I went surfing instead of taking pictures. It wasn't the most photogenic of mornings; grey, clouded over, small weak waves and a light onshore wind.  But as it tends to happen, when you paddle out you find a sneaky bank, get a few runners and come in feeling good about having surfed. The ocean's good like that.

This will most likely be the last post of the year.  Who opens their emails during the Christmas-New Year break anyway? Time to put the Out Of Office sign up and the technology away for a little while.

I'll keep my camera handy and jump into the water when the light's right.  If we get a swell or some magic days I might even log in and put a festive post out to the ether. Otherwise stay in touch on Instagram, our social media of choice.

Enjoy the Christmas Holidays, enjoy the sunshine, enjoy the surf!  It's been good having you along for the ride again this year.

See you next year!


DAILYMurray Fraser