:: Twenty 12


Good morning!  It's nice to be back on the beach this morning.  Last night's wild weather has passed and there's a lumpy 2-3 feet of NE wind swell.  It's got more push than I expected and it's well worth a paddle if you're still enjoying the holiday experience.  The wind was offshore early but it's swung around to the South now with more East forecast as the day progresses.  Evan's Head primary school teacher and Old Mal maven Isaac Fields was enjoying a little city surfing this morning.  It's a long way from the peaceful sand of Evan's but Isaac found a few curves to park his 9'8" Bennett log. Take it easy if this is you're first day back at the desk.  There's plenty of distractions out there in Internet world - you can even log in and watch the China Cup.  How's that?!  A live surf comp streaming in from China!

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