:: Number 2


Second morning of the year and I almost forgot I had to get up and get down the beach.  How are you doing?  Anyone else forget they had to work this morning?  Yeah it's hard getting the motor started in these early days of the year but we'll get in a rhythm soon.   Judging by the number of "Out of Office" emails I received yesterday there's still plenty of crew soaking up the Summer.  Any why wouldn't you? This morning was a game of two halves.  The pre-7am crew got clouded conditions with just the occasional ray of sunshine.  After 7 the sun appeared and burnt off any clouds that were hanging around.  Anyone that left the house without sunglasses or a hat were instantly regretting their decision to neglect the slip-slop-slap mantra.  There were some fun waves around on the mid-tide and the conditions were clean and very much to the liking of those with a bit more volume in their craft.  It's fun in the summer sun and the water is magic.

Enjoy your day.

The Beautiful Girls are playing a gig this Friday at the Mon Vale Hotel.  The fella's always manage to step up a notch on home soil so the show is guaranteed to rock.  Make friends online and you'll find your way to the ticket booth.

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