The End is Nigh

Over wind and rain?  Yeah me too!  I've got a stack of dirty clothes piling up on the bedroom floor and my towel still hasn't dried from a quick dip yesterday afternoon.   I wouldn't mind getting some sunlight to add a touch of colour to the the daily mailout either!   But don't worry, the end is nigh for this rain and wind.  A quick glance at the Bureau website confirms that we might start seeing a little sun this afternoon and tomorrow is going to be "Mostly Sunny".  Good news for your washing!  Even better news is the forecast for a return to the Westerlies. This morning the sun was trying to break through the clouds but eventually lost out to heavy clouds.  Good try fella.   In the water it's onshore and the swell has dropped slightly from yesterday.  It's still a chopped up soup but for those that are keen enough there were waves to be had.  Fun, random, bowly, punchie waves.  That's right, four positive adjectives there for your folks!  That's all I've got for now.   Have a good one!

DAILYMurray Fraser