Gray Day

What to shoot on a day like today?  Surfing? People? Buildings?  I don't know really....  It's blowing a gale and the sea is a messy soup of white caps and foam stirred up by overnight winds up to 50km/hour.  I packed a board and took a drive in search of something a little more palatable but only ended up getting stuck in traffic for 45 minutes crossing the Spit Bridge.  Sydney Traffic is my worst nightmare!  When I arrived at my destination a lonely, weak wave peeled off every 10 minutes punctuated by pelting rain and wind squalls.  Not too appealing.  The only saving grace was probably the best coffee I've had in my life at a little cafe in Mosman called The Penny Royal!  You got to stop in there on the way to the city. Looking ahead we should see an easing of this onshore wind and a possible swing in direct late tomorrow afternoon heading into Friday.  There may just be a light at the end of the tunnel.

DAILYMurray Fraser