:: The Delicate Brush of Jaimee Paul


  Jaimee Paul is an young artist who's work seems to reflect her life's journey to date.  A curiosity, strength and independence lies beneath her delicate feminine and animal water-colours that are featuring simultaneously in two separate exhibitions as part of in the Manly Arts Festival 2013.

Her upbringing in New Zealand instilled a spirit of independence, but it was the nurturing environment of the Ladies Art Classes at Artfocus & Studio, Brookvale that allowed Jaimee's art to blossom.  With two generations of female artists in her family before her, and continued support from her family , it seemed only natural that Jaimee would develop the delicate touch and patience to create her exhibition works surrounded by the Support of Artfocus.  Although Artfocus may have closed it's doors last year, its legacy is a tight network of artists that continue to support the local art scene.

Jaimee is currently studying Design at The College of Fine Art, teaching art classes at Art&Co art school and is represented by creative illustration agency The Drawing Arm.  Check out Jaimee's work at ReKnew, currently showing at the old Epoch Store on Pittwater Rd.  She will also be a featured artist in the all-feminine exhibition Baroness that will open at Belgrave Cartel tomorrow night, as well as displaying her work at Manly's Artist Markets, Manly wharf this Saturday. So head down and say Hi.

See more of Jaimee's work here