:: Cetacean Encounters


This morning was one of the most amazing experiences I've had in the ocean anywhere in the world.  It's not often you get to have a close personal encounter with a dolphin, let alone 50 metres off your home beach. The dolphin seemed content to hang out in the line-up and take off on any wave that came along.  Between sets it circled the boardriders and rubbed up against legs dangling in the water.  It's movement was slow and gentle and it had no qualms about approaching either myself or the surfers in the water.

The Manly Daily reported last week that a "Solitary" dolphin had been swimming in Pittwater with Dragon Boaters.  Apparently these Solitary dolphins prefer to seek out human interactions as opposed to hanging with their own kind, a condition that can result in being more vulnerable.  It really was an amazing experience and turned a one foot nothing surf into a session no one in the water will ever forget.

:: Murray