:: Tempest


If you live in Sydney then today your life would have been affected by the weather; mother nature letting us know who's really got the power!   The tempest raging in Sydney right now is one of the most intense I've experienced!  There's constant 50km/h winds and gusts of double that and it hasn't relented since last night.  Sounds like it's going to get even worse before it gets better! Premier Mike Baird has taken the unprecedented call of telling people to go home! The beaches are been battered by huge surf and wild winds right now.  There might be a few novelty waves happening inside the harbour but everything else is off limits; it's proper dangerous!   It'll be interesting to see what's left of the beaches after tonights high tide; whatever sand hasn't been blown in land will certainly be getting ripped out to sea.

Good day to think about The Maldives!  There's still some places left on our trip later this year - click here for info

Stay safe!

:: Murray