:: Crazy


It's been a crazy 48 hours in Sydney!  The sustained period of intense wind was cyclonic and the swell that had been whipped up by last night was as big as I've ever seen!  Off the charts in fact!  Last night we even received a knock on the door from the NSW Police asking us to evacuate our apartment for fear of the combined effects of a storm surge, high-tide and Manly Dam reaching capacity and flooding the low-lying areas of Manly This morning it's settled down and the wind's swung around to the South-West grooming this unruly swell into something a little respectable.  There's still some 6-8ft sets but it's lost that angry look of the last coupe of days.  If you can bare the dirty water it's pretty much pumping! The swell's going to drop off pretty quickly over the next couple of days so get your fill before it's all gone.

:: Murray

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