:: Technicalities


Ever had one of those days where technology doesn't work for you?  About 11:45am I was just about to hit the big green button on this email and send it off into the ether when the error message appeared.  It seems the mail server which sends out these daily mails was out of action and no matter how many "refresh" buttons I was pushing on my browser it wasn't coming back. Gone!   The only thing to do was go tuck into an $8.00 Thai lunch and drink coffee until the server came back online. In short, the winds gone South and the swell's 1-2ft out of the South.   This morning didn't look half bad although it's pretty grim out there now.  I'm getting stuck into an afternoon of work; we're not missing much out there!

Did you catch that storm last night?  I love those afternoon storms, always unique light in the mix.

:: Murray