:: Tale of Two


It's a tale of two mornings out there today.  First chapter was pouring with rain and southerly winds.   The story's changed now, the sun's come out and the wind is offshore from the WSW;  nice combo.   The swell's still got a bit of wonky-ness to it but there's plenty of it and with the tide dropping all day to a mega low of 0.11m it should settle and get some order.  Worth a paddle if you've got the time.  New South Swell tomorrow; see what that brings. Got your name on a 2014 Sprout Daily Calendar yet?  Put your pre-order in now online by clicking the link and hitting "Add to Cart".   I've just received a limited batch of ready to hang Tasmanian Oak Frames with a selected of prints from 2013.  They look real classy!  If you're looking for a print for Christmas send me an email today. 

:: Murray

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