:: Crisp


It was a cool start to the day but way warmer than last night's brief return to winter.  Funny how these different weather patterns subtly effect the colour of the dawn sky.  This morning the air was clear and crisp and the pre-dawn sky was a light purple and blue; much the same as Winter. Most of yesterday's Nor-East swell has been blown flat but there was the odd mirco-wave sneaking through.  The South swell that was supposed to arrive with that Southerly change wasn't getting into Manly but anywhere with a bit more southern exposure should be twice as big, if not bigger.

If you want to get involved in a bit of fun this weekend and raise money for charity at the same time, the Manly Inflatable Boat Race is on this Sunday.  Last time I watched it there was a bit of swell around inflatable ducks, pools, palm trees, beer cars were flying everywhere.  Was hilarious!  Click through to the Facebook page for info and entry details

:: Murray

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