:: Supertubos


I just checked the Manly/North Steyne webcam and it's looking like Sydney's been getting belted by a solid, stormy South Swell.  Those kind of swells have plenty of energy to get you excited but fall short on delivering the goods.  Unfortunately it was much the same story in Portugal this week; decent swell but just a little too wonky and the wind the wrong angle. I've been hanging out to surf pumping Supertubos in Peniche but it'll have to wait for another year.  Supertubos is a punchie beachie that breaks hard and fast close to the shore serving up super hollow a-frame tubes.  It's stop #10 on the WSL Mens Tour so you'll see it in action soon enough.

Right now I'm in Marrakech, Morocco. This place is crazy! Might have to find somewhere a little more chilled and coastal next week.