:: Coastal Maroc


After a couple of days getting lost in the souks of Marrakech I final found my way out to the Moroccan coast.  It's a baron ancient landscape out here out here, much the way you'd probably imagine the coast of North Africa but the culture is vibrant and the reefs and righthand points break set-ups are numerous. The coast surrounding of the town of Taghazout has so many righthand points I've forgotten most of the names already. Plug it into Google Earth and do some virtual travel - it'll blow your mind!

The swell's only small at the moment but there's a glimmer of hope for the end of the week and the guys at Surf Maroc know all the reefs and rocks in this part of the world. It's early season but my fingers are firmly crossed!

Looks like a nice couple of days ahead in Sydney!  Hope you're getting some!


DAILYMurray Fraser