:: Sun's Back

Nice to see the Sun making a return to Sydney this morning.  We've had a heap of rain in short burst's the last couple of days haven't we!   Don't get to comfortable just yet through,  the Bureau are forecasting more rain for the weekend. There's a neat little SE swell pushing through and just a light offshore making for super glassy conditions.  The banks are a little too deep and the outside sections full and frustrating but the inside has some steeper sections and a bit of run.   It's glassy and fun and well worth a paddle.

King Kelly Slater will be back in Manly next weekend teaming up with NSW Waratahs Rugby players such as Adam Ashley-Cooper and Drew Mitchell as well as Mike Baird for a ProAm event to raise money for Surfers Against Suicide.  Event details online.

Have a good weekend! ∆ Murray

DAILYMurray Fraser