:: Random Road Trip

Yesterday was a Champagne day in Manly; sunshine, perfect temps in and out of the water and only a breath of wind.  It may have even been one of those rare 10 out of 10 days.  Today on the other hand is well below average; it's raining, windy and cool (not cold).  The swell's forecast to come up from the South although there wasn't much evidence of that first thing this morning.  Good day to be working behind the desk with a warm cup of coffee for company. For this morning's post I couldn't help but go back through the photo's from our recent road trip.  It was mostly north of Sydney but we ducked down South over the Easter long weekend for a short reconnaissance mission for the next South bound roady.  It's so beautiful down there and completely different country to Northern NSW.  Can't wait to get back there during some swell and have a good look around.

Stay warm, stay dry. ∆ Murray