:: Sunrise Delight

The pre-dawn sky lit up this morning with bright pinks and oranges.  One of the good thing about these late sunrises is that most people are up in time to enjoy the light show and this morning was a special one. There's a couple of small waves about this morning if you're in the right place. Perfect size for a log but with just enough push for the light-weights on their shorty's. The swell is from the South at 2ft so you might find there's a bit more size to it up the beaches.  The wind's going to swing to onshore later in the morning so now's your chance if you're still thinking about it.

Is This Yours? In the early hours of this morning someone had set up a little lounge installation on the lawn at Queenscliff complete with Council Clean-Up collected furniture, electronics and decorations.  Pretty cool little installation and one that caught the attention of just about everyone that walked by.  Not sure who's behind it but good work!

DAILYMurray Fraser