:: Home Sand

Nice to be back on home sand this morning.  Sure the sand is a little more gritty than the pristine beaches of Northern NSW or Queensland but that's what makes life so interesting in Manly isn't it. How about these post-7am sunrises huh!?!  I couldn't believe I was down the beach at 6:45 this morning in almost pitch darkness.  The heavy clouds out on the horizon didn't help with the light but at least they added come colour to the morning; beautiful purples and blues.

There's not much in the way of surf around this morning so if these late sunrises are holding you back from your pre-work surf then at least you didn't miss anything today.  There's 1-2ft of weak SE swell around and a light NNE wind.  Not ideal but it's good to be home! I'm going for a swim!  Enjoy Monday!

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